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Under controlled lighting conditions, the camera renders the test chart sharply and provides a fairly accurate color reproduction. Both are poor in low ambient light, but the test chart is still quite easy to recognize.

  • It probably deserves a crack at the 60fps mode Epic Games unlocks for some high-end phones.
  • The certification of the terminal, yes, remains the same, IP53 in both models.
  • The design and display are the same as the Poco X3, but the internals are not.
  • Colors can be exaggerated a little but overall the quality is slap bang in the middle of the road for a budget setup such as this.
  • These brands are now capturing the budget segments like no one else, especially POCO.

The information on every website that I visit does not correspond to the truth or the information that I have always known. The dictionary on my keyboard does not correspond at all to the language I use and puts inappropriate words in the text. The Google Assistant and any kind of voice input, the phone or the Internet site acts absolutely the opposite of what you would expect.

  • It is based on AOSP ROM, which includes Google Apps, and you don’t have to Install Gapps Separately.
  • Although the Snapdragon 860 is based on technology Stock Firmware that is almost two years old, which is almost as old as the Bible by smartphone standards, it performs very well in the benchmarks.
  • It’s a hardcore performance-oriented phone and most decisions Poco has taken were keeping gamers in mind.
  • So overall Poco X3 Pro is a great value for money phone but it’s definitely not for everyone.

Camera quality counts for a lot, but this is yet another demonstration of the sheer value you get with a Poco-series Android. The Xiaomi Poco X3 Pro has a much better processor than the Poco X3 NFC.

poco x3 pro flash stock rom

We can guarantee that this chipset will not disappoint you in terms of performance. Also, with POCO X3 Pro, you can experience 90FPS stable PUBG Mobile using GFX Tool. This chipset includes 2 performance-oriented 2.2GHz Cortex-A76 and 6 efficiency-oriented 1.8GHz Cortex-A55 cores in the CPU part. Frankly, when we compare the chipsets, we see that the POCO X3 Pro has an obvious advantage. Our winner this time in terms of performance is the POCO X3 Pro. When it comes to video shooting capabilities, you can record [email protected] videos with POCO X3 Pro and [email protected] videos with POCO X4 Pro. When we evaluate the cameras, we see that POCO X4 Pro has better sensors with high resolution and plenty of light compared to POCO X3 Pro.

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