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How to Get Free Credits for Badoo

As part of our Badoo coverage, I’m solving a few questions about eharmony phone number credits. Specifically, are there any websites that offer hacks for ‘What are Badoo credits and what can I get for them?’, ‘How can I get Badoo credits?’, ‘How can I get free credits for Badoo’ and ‘What are the hacks for free Badoo credits?’ Work?’

We’ve had all of these questions in various forms over the past few months, so I thought of putting them together to make a pretty coherent article.

Badoo is a free dating site with premium items. It is a popular public social networking and dating site with over 400 million regular users. The core offer is free. The application is free to download and use. Free to create profiles, find matches and chat. Premium features only add time savings or different functionality to the site.

There is also Badoo Premium which is the subscription part of the app which gives you features like highlight, skip queue, undo features, invisible mode and other features. Then there are Badoo credits, which I’ll cover in more detail here.

What are Badoo credits and what do I get in return?

Badoo credits are an in-app currency that allows you to buy Super Powers. These Super Powers include the Highlight, which puts you at the top of your local stacks. Therefore, within your criteria, dates in your region will see you first. Another Super Power is Encounters where you’re placed near the top so you’ll be noticed more often.

These Super Powers are similar to Tinder Gold and Plus and work pretty much the same. You buy Super Powers with credits you buy with real money.

How do I get Badoo credit?

You can buy or earn Badoo credits. I will discuss buying credits here as I have covered free credits in the next answer. I find it easier to use the web for this, so these instructions explain it. Implementations will differ slightly but should still be relevant.

  1. Log in to Badoo and select the Credits menu from the left.
  2. Choose the amount of credits you will buy at the center.
  3. Choose a payment method from the left menu.
  4. Complete the payment depending on the payment method.
  5. Check the Credits menu to see your allocated credits.

You can pay using a credit card, PayPal, Paysafe or Bitcoin. Depending on your payment provider, you should see your credits instantly or within a few minutes. After logging into your account, you can use them as you see fit.

How can I get free credits for Badoo

If you followed the instructions above, you may have noticed a section called ‘Earn Your Credits’ in the Credits section of the site. Here you can get free credits for Badoo. It’s a simple system we’ve seen before. You sign up for newsletters, answer surveys, provide your email address for marketing, and perform simple tasks in exchange for credits.

Some of these tasks include downloading files. Be very careful with this as there is no guarantee that they will be virus free.

Be prepared for a spam flood, as all these ways to earn free credits involve providing your email address or signing up for newsletters or other marketing materials.

A much safer way to earn free credits is to use the ‘Credits from Friends’ function. Invite your friends to join Badoo and earn credits in return. If you use the Badoo website to invite your friend, when they become a member you should see a Collect button next to their name and press it to claim your credits.

Do any of the websites that offer cheats for free Badoo credits work?

I would be wary of any website that offers a hack for credits. Some may not work. Some may get you free Badoo credits, but is it worth the risk? For one, using these hacks can expose your personal data via email, infected websites, infected apps or something else. Second, Badoo can find these hacks, track those who exploit them, and ban those accounts.

While none of this is guaranteed, if you’re having a good time on Badoo, why risk it? I looked at a bunch of websites that offer cheats for credits and Malwarebytes showed warnings for many of them. Brave browser also showed ‘Unsafe’ for many, so I wouldn’t trust any of them on my computer.

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